I don’t believe in no-win scenarios.

  • Details: Seven. Zodiac. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The Game. Fight Club. The word darkness is just going to come up if we discuss the David Fincher body of work. And Gone Girl is arguably one of the darkest. Why are you drawn to this?
  • Fincher: I don't know. It's the shit that you're interested in. When I was home sick as a kid, and it was a question of watching Rear Window or some William Wyler movie, it was like you want to see the one where there's more—
  • Affleck: [laughs] More killing! More death. Yeah. Sure.
  • Fincher: I like the lurid. And by the way, how many motherfuckers are out there doing the hero's journey? It's 8 out of 10 movies. I'm just not interested in that stuff. There's plenty of people to fill that role. But I don't say, "Fuck, let me try and find something where people just really hate each other." I don't want to be the Prince of Darkness. But, but—
  • Details: But Satan came to me and said, "You are."
  • Fincher: People keep whispering to me. I'm trying to sleep, and the voices keep telling me. . .

"My name’s Joe, we made a show called hitRECord on TV. With hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world that contributed their writing, their music, their video footage and their stories, animations and their illustrations. So this award belongs to all of them! All of them, that’s who I want to thank.” [x]

Rosamund Pike photographed by David Fincher for W Magazine

"Thank you very good much." 

(an iconic speech for the ages) 

“Whether you’re transgender or not, most of us get to a point in our lives where we can no longer lie to ourselves.” ~Laverne Cox

Benedict Cumberbatch takes the Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

i am groot.